Proactive Monitoring

Avoid costly downtime with our proactive monitoring. We install a dedicated machine at your location to constantly monitor your system and communicate its health back to us. These logs are reviewed every day and allow us to:

  • Detect network glitches and server problems
  • Ensure backups are run effectively each day
  • Deliver real-time notification if a critical error does occur, allowing us to fix it immediately.

IT Partner

Gain security and confidence when you elect Phase2 as your IT partner. Rest assured knowing:

  • We take care of problems immediately
  • Issues and projects are tracked thoroughly
  • Your systems are always up-to-date

As your IT partner, we implement plans prior to problems occurring, giving you the ability to keep productivity going when your system suffers a setback.

We also assist you in resolving vendor issues. We will contact vendors on your behalf to ensure a smooth resolution of a problem. We never leave you to handle a problem with which you are not familiar.

Helpdesk Support

With the Phase2 Protection Program, your entire company will have access to our HelpDesk. Our HelpDesk is available to solve the simplest and most complex problems, from printers not working to server errors.

And for your convenience, we provide remote as well as on-site support. One of our experienced, high-level technicians will work with you to solve your problem efficiently and effectively every time. Plus, a personal network manager oversees all issues to ensure continuity and consistency of service.